Multi instance migration


I have a Nexus 2 (2.14.3-02) and a Nexus 3 (3.2.0-01) and an yet still empty Nexus 3 (3.17.0-01). I want to migrate all the data from the two older instances to the new Nexus. What will be the best practice here? In Nexus 2 I mostly have maven artifacts. In the older Nexus 3 I have docker/npm/maven/nuget artifacts. Would there be the possibility to just setup a proxy repository in the new Nexus for each of the repository in the other instances and download all artifacts at once? Can this be triggered somehow? But there the question is if I then can change later the proxy repository type to hosted when all artifacts are downloaded - and I did not see any chance by configuration to change the repository type. A manual transfer seems to be not easy/impossible, right?
I’m hope that someone can give me some hints, best practices how to achieve this…

If the 3.17.0 instance is empty, my suggestion would just be to upgrade the 3.2.0 to 3.17 (or 3.18.1 the latest) then move the NXRM2 stuff over and not use the empty instance at all.

You can move stuff from NXRM2 to NXRM3 using community supplied scripts for maven here:

There are some for other formats, or presumably you can convert to your needs.

You could also setup a proxy, but you’re right, it cannot be switched over to hosted. The workaround to this would be setup a group with that proxy and your hosted repo. The downside of this is that where you pull from is not where you push from. What I suggested above, I believe bypasses that need.

Hope that helps,