Mvn error could not transfer metadata


recently we have start seeing error as could not transfer metadata for com:xx transfer failed.This we are seeing with few user while for few user this is working fine.
The error for few user we did tried using GUI to fetch artifact and user is able to fetch this from GUI when doing this from command line getting this error.
can anyone tell why this different behavior or can help where to see this setting.
we did compare settings.xml which is same for user where it is working


@d.j.mansukhani ,

Can you provide more detail? Which command on the command line produced this error? What was the exact error? Inputs and outputs of the command could be helpful. Also, for the GUI can you provide a screenshot of what was downloaded?

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This was resolve we have to initiate traffic for that host.
we come to know in azure one has to initiate the traffic even if port is open.