Network performance of nexus3 docker container

Hi @all,
I am running the latest nexus3 in a docker container and observed some strange limitations in network bandwidth.
So my network is 10G based and I have realized that up-/downloading artifacts from my pipelines are only running with ~80MB/s.
To investigate this, I’ve set up a debian container right besides the nexus one and measured with iperf as well as transfering files with scp into it.
So directly compared this results in:

  • curl large.file into nexus repository in container → ~80MB/s
  • scp large.file into debian in container → ~290MB/s

Identical origins. Any suggestions where I can tweak performance? I am clueless und what I am missing here.

Update: so I spend some more time on this.
Same behavior with a shell inside the nexus container. Upload into the container (e.g. scp) is fast. Upload into nexus in this container is slow.

Monitoring system behavior shows Java process to rise up to 100% during time of upload. So I guess this is the limiting issue. But how to deal with it? Nexus Status shows all 32 Cores but seems to use only 1.
What am I missing?

Hello @felix.kretschmer,

Unfortunately i cannot help you but i have exactly the same scenario as you have.
Seems for me like it’s nexus limitation itself, is there anybody who might help ?