New in Nexus Repository 3.30: Azure Blob Store Support!

We are excited to announce Azure Blob Storage support with Nexus Repository Pro available in 3.30 release! Nexus Repository Pro users can now manage and deploy their critical infrastructure on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform.

Key Highlights for Azure Blob Storage support in Nexus Repository Pro:

  • Faster speeds for development teams accessing artifacts
  • Expanded cloud native storage
  • On-prem to cloud infrastructure deployments
  • Scalability with unlimited storage capacity
  • Modern DevOps workflow with native support for Azure Managed Identity
  • Disaster Recovery and redundancy capabilities
  • Azure Public Cloud + Azure Gov Cloud support
  • Enhanced security and authentication across development teams

For a walk through of how to create blob stores using Azure Cloud Storage, check out the demo video and benefits of this new Nexus Repository Pro feature on our Sonatype blog.


  • Azure Blob Storage is only recommended for Nexus Repository installations hosted in Azure.
  • The Azure Blob Store should be in the same Azure region as the Nexus Repo installation. Using different regions will result in unacceptably slow performance.

We are excited for Nexus Repository Pro users and the expanded cloud support for deploying infrastructure on Azure Cloud Storage! For more information, please reach out to our Sonatype team and check out the additional documentation resources below:

Azure Blob Storage

Nexus Repository Storage Guide

-Nexus Repository Team