NEW: Jump Start For Developers — Getting Started with the Nexus Platform

Do you think onboarding another product is “FUN?”

Well, we hope to at least make it less painful for you. Check out the newest addition to Sonatype Learn that makes onboarding with the Nexus Platform a breeze—including the most utilized resources our customers have requested:

  • Critical Resources
  • Evaluating Your First Application
  • Integrating With Your IDE
  • Knowing The Workflow
  • Using The Google Chrome Extension
  • Blocking Bad Components
  • Including Continuous Integration
  • Working With SCM

Get a Jump Start on using the Nexus Platform to ensure faster detection, faster remediation, and less time to approve new dependencies. You’ll be on your way to learning how our platform provides intelligent open source security controls integrated with your preferred tools so you can easily find and fix vulnerabilities—and keep on innovating.

Enroll in this course now! And let us know what you think below.

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