New Nexus Lifecycle Courses on Sonatype Learn!

The Customer Experience team at Sonatype is excited to announce the release of two (yes, TWO) new courses to help you get the most of of Nexus Lifecycle.

IQ Server 200: Dynamic Developers: Becoming the Strongest Link in Your Supply Chain, which is available now on Sonatype Learn, will help you optimize Nexus Lifecycle’s development-focused capabilities. We’ll walk you through what it looks like to integrate Lifecycle into your daily development workflow as well as explore use-case scenarios sourced from current Nexus Lifecycle customers.

But that’s not all…

IQ Server 201: Advanced Development Pack is another new, self-paced eLearning course all about Advanced Development Pack (ADP) features and capabilities now available on Sonatype Learn. In case you haven’t heard, ADP is a new Nexus Lifecycle add-on that helps organizations not only “shift left” — but start left — with features and capabilities that empower developers with proactive dependency management practices .

Be among the first to kick the tires on these new releases. Once you’ve earned your certificate, check out our other course offerings and Learning Paths!