New Nexus Repo Setup - Proxy Feeds Not Connecting

Hi All,

We are in the POC phase of testing with a trial license for Nexus:

Sonatype Nexus Repository ManagerPRO 3.21.1-01

Our toolset connections (TFS, Octopus, etc) with Nexus hosted feeds are working fine, but we’re not seeing any packages show up in our proxy feeds for,, or python.

We’ve gotten a proxy exception for our server/service account for these URLs, and we’ve confirmed we can access them via the server.

Few more notes:
We have an IIS setup for the site with a reverse proxy inbound rule.
We tried adding the trust-store certs option, but that didn’t work. (and we haven’t needed that with our current package repository)

What are we NOT checking for that might be at issue?


Hey Alex,

This is probably something we should forward to support.

Go ahead and follow this guide to create a support zip from the Nexus UI: Support Ticket Best Practices – Sonatype Support

Email that to me, and I can create a ticket to get this resolved.