New release of NexuShell - a PowerShell CLI for managing Sonatype Nexus

I’ve released version 1.1.1 of NexuShell. This release focused on some feature work, and a complete overhaul of the underlying docs infrastructure.

I’ve re-done in large part the commands for working with Content Selectors, and added the ability to manage Tags if you’re using a Nexus Pro instance. Another small addition was made with the new command Get-NexusFormat, which will provide you all the required details for uploading components in a given format.

The addition of tags will allow you to more easily manage component tagging in your CI systems (at least that is my hope). It also provided an “ah-ha” moment for me, which should make exposing a few of the more…challenging apis a bit easier. But as we all know, software development is never easy!

If you’d like to get started using it you can head over to for Installation instructions, but the simplest way is to just run Install-Module NexuShell for a machine-wide install, or add -Scope CurrentUser for a user-based installation.

Happy automating!

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