New Repository Password

I’m going through the tutorial at: Secure Docker Registries for Repository Manager 3 and I get to the “Fetch and Publish Docker Images” section. When I try to login (e.g. * docker login , for docker-internal) I’ve no idea the credentials I’m supposed to use. I tried admin/admin123 and various others but can’t figure it out.


Not sure why it’s not working for you but the docker login command should be provided your normal repository manager credentials. If you have an admin user with admin123 as password that should work, but you should be using your individual login credentials instead of the generic admin/admin123.

(On an unrelated note, consider changing the default admin/admin123 login if this is a public instance.)

Maybe it’s not a password problem, the error I’m receiving is:
Error response from daemon: login attempt to failed with status: 503 Service Unavailable

I am following the reverse proxy video. Also in the video there’s a “docker-hub” that I don’t have. Do I need to create it?

Have you checked if the port is open on the repository? Maybe try connecting via localhost?