New REST Improvements in Nexus Repository Manager 3.19!

We are very excited to release new REST endpoints for Nexus Repository Manager 3.19.

From the early release of Nexus Repository Manager 3, we’ve included a Groovy scripting API which allowed users to programmatically configure the server. Over the past few months, Nexus Repository Manager REST endpoints have been enriched for our users! These new set of endpoints will streamline automated operations for local and external roles and permissions, privileges, and content selectors.

Since Nexus Repository Manager 3.17, we added a number of endpoints for user & permission management, as well as certificates. These included:

  • Search
  • Component upload
  • Tagging
  • Build staging operations
  • Custom scripts
  • Status, maintenance and system checks
  • Security management

Let’s get to the brand new ones in 3.19 focusing on simplifying administrative automation! We see three different scenarios where admins will benefit from the new NXRM 3.19 REST endpoints:

  1. Day-to-day maintenance - adding/removing users, user tokens and less frequent changes such as standing up new teams and new projects
  2. Server provisioning - all you need bundle to stand up a new NXRM server without using the UI
  3. Externalizing configuration - extracting the configuration from REST

So, how do you get started!?

The specifics on how to start using these new endpoints can be found in our in-product documentation (Swagger UI) from the Admin portion, and also by selecting API under System from the Navigation Menu.

Initially, these endpoints have been added with the beta prefix and, while we do not anticipate any major changes before finalizing these into v1, we wanted to provide NXRM users an opportunity to provide feedback!

The Sonatype Team

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Hi Brent

Just wanted to know if there is any rest api present in any of higher nexus versions that accepts artifact other than maven.

Currently we have something like this:
Url is nexus/service/local/repositories - only accepts maven artifact in nexus 2. Wanted to check if rest api url in nexus higher versions can directly accepts zip file not maven as we want to eleminate maven.

Below is the setup we have with nexus url:

Curl -H " content-type: application/json" -d @repo.json -u username password http://bar.t-dev.corp.****/nexus/service/local/repositories

Any response would be appreciated

Nexus Repository Manager 3 supports raw repositories which take any file and work similarly to a simple filesystem repository. Raw Repositories