New tasks missing from UI following upgrade

I recently upgraded from OSS 3.10.1-01 to 3.51.1-02 using the helm charts, and I would like to run the “repository.pypi.generate-missing-sha256-checksums” task to update a hosted PyPI repo to serve sha256 hashes. This task is not available to create in the UI, and comparing to the list of tasks in Sonatype Documentation, there are a few others that are missing.

Turns out they are missing because they are scoped to H2 or Postgres DB usage.

Now to get clarification on the “PyPI - Delete index Asset MD5 Metadata” task. I think it does what I want based on the description, but it’s unclear. The task id field also supports that is the golden ticket: repository.pypi.rebuild-metadata

Just to close the thread on this. I took the following action to confirm the behaviour of this task:

  1. made a test deployment using the docker image on the old version, uploaded a test artifact to a hosted PyPI repo, confirmed the /simple interface presented an MD5 hash for that artifact.

  2. upgraded this installation (using docker persistent storage) to 3.53.1, confirmed my artifact was still there and presenting MD5.

  3. executed the “PyPI - Delete index Asset MD5 Metadata” task. No additional intervention was required and the /simple interface was presenting a SHA256 hash for the test artifact.

So based on my own observations, it would seem that this task is intended to replace MD5 metadata with SHA256 metadata after upgrading to 3.44 or newer.