Newbie, trying to install Nexus 2.14.8 on Windows 10

hello, first time installer. I’m trying to install nexus OSS 2.14.8 for Windows 10. I download the ZIP file unzip it, it has a nexus and a nexus.bat under ./bin. everything I read says to install using nexus.exe /install for windows. I’m not sure if I have the correct archive. is it that I install using the nexus.bat script? I looked inside the nexus script and it is a Unix script.

what and how do I install nexus OSS 2 for Windows?

thank you

I think I figured it out. under the install base directory cd to bin, then cd to jsw. under jsw is a selection of install windows scripts based on architecture. select the architecture best suited and run the install . bat script. it automatically created the application as a Windows service. start the service.

if you need to change the default port it runs on, go to the base install dir, cd to conf, edit the restart the service.


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