Nexus 2.15 upgrade to nexus 3 latest consuming a large amount of memory and stuck since hours

I’m upgrading my OSS nexus repository from version 2.15.1-02 to 3.39.0-01
I’m using docker as my installation method and volumes to persist data
I’m using the download method to transfer 60 GB of data from nexus 2 to nexus 3 server
nexus 2 and nexus 3 are on different machines

the migration process always gets stuck after a while and it shows me this message : " X days and Y hours since last change, press continue when ready"
I had at the beginning 4 GB of RAM on the nexus 2 machine and it was all consumed by the container
I decided to double the RAM and now I have 8 GB of RAM but it’s also consumed totally by the nexus container.

My questions are:

  • How much RAM does the migration process needs?
  • How long does it take approximately to transfer 60 GB of data using the download method?

The help documentation for both versions should have system requirements.

Your other question can’t be answered - its entirely dependent upon your systems & network.

It doesn’t sound ‘stuck’, it sounds like the existing files have been migrated and Nexus is waiting until you decide to continue.