Nexus 3.16.1-02 - How can i correct blobstore only reporting half of actual disk usage?

So i have this nexus service running which was restored a while back from a backup, post restore the items were listed and indexed correctly and no issues downloading anything.

But as you would of gathered from the title Nexus reports 95.1GB for the default blobstore, but on disk du reports 181GB.

I’ve spent some time picking random properties files from the blobstore and validating the product exists in nexus and can be downloaded, everything seams to check out.

Doesn’t anyone know how i can get nexus3 to update these values?

Thank you

After you restored from backup did you run a “Repair - Reconcile component database from blob store” task, followed by a compact blobstore task?

Yes, manually for the “Repair - Reconcile component database from blob store” task,

The Compact blobstore task was configured to run daily at 12:30am local time so i didn’t run this manually, but it has been running since the restore.