Nexus 3.67 not starting, no logs

hello as stated in the title im having issues after updating nexus repository from 3.66.0-02 to 3.67.1-01, im running nexus as a service with user “nexus” before the update everything worked fine, thanks in advance

problem was java, i was using java 11 but switching to java 8 seemed to do the trick

I am trying for NEXUS 3.68.0-04 version.
Same issue for me.
It is working with JAVA8 but not with JAVA11.
As per Doc, it should work.

anyone is having any clue?
Also, there are different URL to download diff packages for JAVA8 and JAVA11… I tried with JAVA11.
still not working.

And the same package is working with JAVA8, that is strange!

Its fixed.
I missed the part that when we run with JAVA9+ version, we have to enable required parameters in /bin/nexus.vmoptions.