Nexus-3.68.1-02-unix Service Not Starting

I am writing to seek urgent assistance regarding an issue we are experiencing with our Nexus Repository Manager. The service is failing to start, and despite multiple troubleshooting attempts, we have been unable to resolve the problem.

Issue Details:

  • Product Version: Nexus Repository Manager 3 / nexus-3.68.1-02-unix.tar.gz
  • Environment: Rocky Linux 9/8 on GCP
  • Service Management Tool: init.d


  • When attempting to start the Nexus service, it fails to initialize.
  • No specific error messages are displayed in the terminal.

Steps Taken So Far:

  1. Verified that all required dependencies and configurations are in place.
  2. Checked the file permissions and ownership settings for Nexus installation directories.
  3. Reviewed the Nexus log files located at [log file path] for any indications of the root cause.

Despite these efforts, the issue persists, and we are unable to start the Nexus service.

Has anything changed since the last time Nexus was running, is this issue following an upgrade?

Have you tried starting nexus directly from the stat-up script to rule out an issue with init.d?

Are you using the Java 8 or 11 Binary and do you have the correct corresponding version of Java installed?

  1. There is no indication in the log that anything has changed since the last time Nexus was running or that this issue is following an upgrade.

  2. The log does not mention attempting to start Nexus directly from the startup script or any issues with init.d.

  3. The log clearly states that Nexus is using Java 1.8.0_412 (Java 8) from OpenJDK: “Java: 1.8.0_412, OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM, Red Hat, Inc., 25.412-b08”. There is no mention of using Java 11.

This is the my first time are installing, setting up, and configuring Nexus. The log does not indicate any previous installation or configuration changes. It shows the initial startup sequence of Nexus using Java 1.8.0_412 (Java 8) on a Linux system.There is no mention of an upgrade or any issues related to starting Nexus directly from the startup script or init.d. The log simply displays the normal boot process without any errors or problems.