Nexus 3.9 OSS become non responsible after some period of time


We faced with the problem that the Nexus 3 becomes non responsive after some period of time. We tried to do investigation from our side but there were no able to find something.
The issue is:
Only nexus 3 is running in the aws instance. The aws instance has 8 GB RAM, after few days, nexus 3 consumes most of the memory, and there is no more memory left.

Did someone meet the same?



Make sure you’re meeting our system requirements. See here:

Make adjustments as needed.

And I’d also suggest upgrading, 3.9.0 is an older release. The current version is 3.14.0:

If you’re still having a problem after doing the above, I suggest filing an issue in the “dev - nexus” project at




Hello Richard,

Thanks for reply, mostly the issue related to problem with memory leak. I had created the bug on jira but it were rejected : NEXUS-18508


From your description, it seems you had a paid license. Is that the case? If so, you should use our support system at, as indicated in the comment on that issue.

If you do not have a license let us know and we will re-open the jira issue.




No it’s not paid license, it is OSS.