Nexus 3 | Create external user

Hi, I’m trying to create external user on Nexus 3 using nexus 3 APIs. Following are the details:
Posting Groovy Script using: http://localhost:8081/nexus3/service/rest/v1/script

	"name": "d8b3baeb-628a-43cc-9a9c-9a156f399e2",
	"type": "groovy",
	"content": "security.addUser('q018246a', '', '', '', true, 'd8b3baeb-628a-43cc-9a9c-9a156f399ae2', ['abc_test_role Developer Role']);"

Running Script using: http://localhost:8081/nexus3/service/rest/v1/script/d8b3baeb-628a-43cc-9a9c-9a156f399e2/run


    "name": "d8b3baeb-628a-43cc-9a9c-9a156f399e2",
    "result": "User{userId='q018246a', firstName='', lastName='', source='default'}"

Hitting though Postman, all working fine and users getting created. But through Application server it is giving Bad request.

Awkward behavior is, it’s letting me create user using postman post script with blank first_name, last_name, email, password, but all these parameters are required on UI.

Another thing, It’s showing source as default but how to I ensure source as LDAP?

Its not possible to create an LDAP user through Nexus.

While it is true you can’t create a new user in your LDAP server through Nexus Repo, I’m not sure if that is what you were asking? If you want to map an LDAP user to a role, something like this should work:

String userId = 'someuser';
String newRoleId = 'nx-admin'
User user = security.securitySystem.getUser(userId, 'LDAP')
if(user != null) {
    RoleIdentifier newRole = new RoleIdentifier('default', newRoleId);
    security.securitySystem.setUsersRoles(user.getUserId(), 'LDAP', user.getRoles());
} else {
    log.warn("No user with ID of $userId found.")
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I meant the same, As we could create LDAP/External users through Nexus 3 why is it not supported through Nexus 3?

In Nexus Repo 3 you can create mappings of roles to LDAP users. So you create the user in your LDAP server, then use either the UI or a script like the one I posted to map roles to that user.