Nexus 3 html view and index

As we recently upgraded our Nexus from Nexus 2.x to Nexus 3.15-02, some users have complained of an issue which I am not sure is fixed or design in Nexus 3, the issue is users were earlier able to browse the nexus index tree directly copying them from Jenkins log when using Nexus 2 forex: , so when this URL is copied and pasted directly in the browser it was showing the index view for user, which is not the case anymore with Nexus 3, for Nexus 3 the build log list the URL as "…/…/… " but when user copies this URL directly into browser he/she can’t access the index tree, there is a message that “This maven2 hosted repository is not directly browseable at this URL.” , I know that index can be accessed via "http://nexusserver, but

Is there is a way that this URL can be configured so that Jenkins log directly contain this URL as was the case in Nexus 2?

Can someone Please reply if possible ?

No, it isn’t possible to have an HTML directory listing served through the main repository URL. Doing so would have been problematic for some repository formats, since they have strict requirements as to what can be served through a repository URL. So we decided to provide HTML directory listings through a different endpoint.