Nexus 3 OSS 3.16.1-02 : Impossible to sign in Web Interface

I just intalled Nexus Repository Manager 3.16.1-02 successfully. When i try to “Sign in” with admin/admin123, the web interface (localhost:8081 tested on Chrome & Firefox even in private same result), doesn’t create a session and i can’t access to the admin panels.
The web app consider me as connected but server side doesn’t.

There is no trace ERROR, WARNING or even INFO in any log.

When I debug Network with Chrome, i see no request interacting with server.

Could you help me investigate this because i have no clue of what’s happening ?

Use case :

  • Click on Sign in and use admin/admin123 as login infos
  • The web browser show me connected as “admin”
  • When i go to “Account” infos, it’s not admin but “Anonymous” and i can’t see admin panels
  • When i refresh, i’m not logged anymore

When i try to authenticate with fake informations like login=rerbezrbzebrzei & password =test, i get logged on the webapp as user rerbezrbzebrzei but not server side whereas this user doesn’t even exist.

It was this f*** Bitdefender of god