Nexus 3 OSS - can't stay logged in as admin, can't see Security (or any other settings)


Hi all,

I just installed Nexus 3 OSS via docker, and I can log in as admin/admin123, but it’s behaving pretty strangely and is not really usable:

  1. Simply refreshing the page will log me out as admin user and I have to log in once again
  2. I cannot see the Security settings, or really any settings, so I can’t change the admin password, etc.
  3. Even when logged in as admin, on the left-hand side I only see Welcome, Search, and Browse with two subcategories Assets and Components; nothing else is visible

In the logs I only see [INFO] entries, no warnings or errors, so it looks like the server is starting up fine.

What sort of things could I do to troubleshoot this further?


It sounds like the login session is not being persistent. Is your browser allowing cookies?


Thanks for the prompt response. Cookies are enabled, but the session persistence only seems to be an issue in Google Chrome. On Safari, I stay logged in after a refresh, but on neither browser can I see any of the advanced options that I should be seeing as an admin.


Just to check, are you running Nexus Repo on your local machine or on a remote server?


As a test, try accessing the UI in a Chrome private browsing window. That will bypass all add ons that are installed in the browser.


It’s running on an AWS instance.


Interestingly, when I open it in a private browsing window in Chrome, the session appears to be persistent, i.e. I can refresh the page, and I’ll still be logged in as admin, and I can now see the Settings menu.
Actually, the same is true for opening the page (in regular mode) in Safari; I must have overlooked the settings icon when I tried it earlier this morning.

I’m astonished that this fixes the problem, though.

I have the following extensions installed:

aapocclcgogkmnckokdopfmhonfmgoek : Slides : version 0_10
ahfgeienlihckogmohjhadlkjgocpleb : Web Store : version 0_2
aohghmighlieiainnegkcijnfilokake : Docs : version 0_10
apdfllckaahabafndbhieahigkjlhalf : Google Drive : version 14_1
blpcfgokakmgnkcojhhkbfbldkacnbeo : YouTube : version 4_2_8
dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo : Tampermonkey : version 4_6
felcaaldnbdncclmgdcncolpebgiejap : Sheets : version 1_2
gfdkimpbcpahaombhbimeihdjnejgicl : Feedback : version 1_0
ghbmnnjooekpmoecnnnilnnbdlolhkhi : Google Docs Offline : version 1_4
jlhmfgmfgeifomenelglieieghnjghma : Cisco WebEx Extension : version 1_0_13
kmendfapggjehodndflmmgagdbamhnfd : CryptoTokenExtension : version 0_9_73
lmjegmlicamnimmfhcmpkclmigmmcbeh : Application Launcher for Drive (by Google) : version 3_2
mdndkociaebjkggmhnemegoegnbfbgoo : Tab-less : version 0_4_0
mfehgcgbbipciphmccgaenjidiccnmng : Cloud Print : version 0_1
mhjfbmdgcfjbbpaeojofohoefgiehjai : Chrome PDF Viewer : version 1
neajdppkdcdipfabeoofebfddakdcjhd : Google Network Speech : version 1_0
nkeimhogjdpnpccoofpliimaahmaaome : Google Hangouts : version 1_3_8
nmmhkkegccagdldgiimedpiccmgmieda : Chrome Web Store Payments : version 1_0_0_4
pjkljhegncpnkpknbcohdijeoejaedia : Gmail : version 8_1
pkedcjkdefgpdelpbcmbmeomcjbeemfm : Chrome Media Router : version 6718_423_0_0

Is any of these extensions known to be incompatible with Nexus 3?


I’m not sure we have a list of known extensions that cause problems with Nexus Repo 3, but I’ll look into it more. Most of those on your list seem like basic Google services which should be fine. The Tampermonkey one stood out to me. Is that like the old Greasemonkey that injects user scripts on pages? That might be an issue depending on what you are doing with that extension.

You could try disable a few at a time to narrow it down. If you do find a specific extension that causes the issue, please let us know!