Nexus 3 OSS - Multi Arch Docker images for Docker repository

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I have a question regarding the compatibility of the Docker repository in the NXRM 3.

Does the Docker repository include support for multi-arch images? I could not find anything in the

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Sad to see this has not been answered by Sonatype.
I have the same question.

From the Nexus UI it does not look like it supports multi-arch docker images.
I really hope I am wrong. If not I hope it will come soon (Even if it will be PRO only).

We have need to have a docker image for jdk11 both for Linux, Mac and Windows.
I do not want to create different docker image names for each arch.

I order to build multi-arch it looks like one need to active the docker experimental features.

Support for manifest lists were added in Nexus 3.22.0 which enables multi-arch images.

When referring to the Nexus UI not looking like it supports multi-arch, what specifically are you referring to?

I apologize that this did not make it into our release notes. The JIRA issue can be found at

1 Like you can follow this ticket for updates to our docs:

Hello,I have install Nexus OSS 3.41.1, I have two machine A and B, and A is X86, B is ARM64.
Now I push image from A and B to Nexus, it works well, and I can see two manifests.
Then I pull the image in A and B , but I can only pull the image which I push newest, I pull the ARM64 image in X86 Architecture.

How can I resolve it?Thanks.,

Sounds like you pushed two different images/manifests with the same name/tag. You will only get the last pushed image. For multi-platform support, you need to push two images with a single manifest list. You need to either use docker buildx to build and push both platforms on a single machine, or use docker manifest create to push a manifest list containing both images. See docker manifest | Docker Documentation and docker buildx | Docker Documentation for details.