Nexus 3 OSS yum (hosted repo) rebuild metadata fails

The steps taken and issues observed are:

  1. Uploaded rpm files into yum hosted repository
  2. Executing “yum list” command on client side and realised the rpm files are not updated, hence unable to yum install the newly uploaded rpm packages.
  3. “yum repolist” is pointed to nexus 3 OSS repository
  4. Nexus logs indicates that:
    [ERROR [event-13-thread-4] *SYSTEM - Could not dispatch event to subscriber$$EnhancerByGuice$$7749ebd6@ae40007 method [public void]
    com.orientechnologies.orient.core.exception.OStorageException: File with name ‘asset_1.irs’ does not exist in storage ‘component’ DB name=“component”]

Creating a task to rebuild metadata doesnt work for me either.

Are there any solution to resolve this issue?

Thanks alot