Nexus 3 - remove old snapshots - Ansible

I have a problem with Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS running out of disk space. On this system we have installed Nexus 3.21.1-01. I want to use ansible to remove old snapshots of the system, but I do not know where they are. How can I do it manually ? And ansible will adjust it by itself.
Thanks for your reply.

Hey there, @mikra85f ! Have you looked at cleanup policies? This is exactly what they’re for: if you can articulate a rule for what you want removed, NXRM will do that automatically. Manual policies tend to be feast or famine, and don’t scale: you need to be removing as much as you create on a daily basis, unless you’re constantly increasing storage.

If you’re looking for unused stuff to delete manually in the short term, you could use the cleanup policy preview window; it’s not ideal.