Nexus as proxy of Docker Hub give error 502 when downloading a Docker plugin

I’m successfully using Nexus Repository Manager as my private registry and as the proxy registry of Docker Hub.
I just have a problem that makes it impossible to use the proxy capability of the Docker daemon.
As you know Docker have managed plugins, in my case I use Weave network plugin, these plugins are loaded on Docker Hub as any other Docker images, when I try to pull a Docker plugin image with proxy enabled I get error 502 as the response. This doesn’t happen with normal images, so it’s not a configuration problem.
I think that the plugin image is stored in a slightly different form and Nexus is unable to handle it.

Hi Ettore,
You are correct, this is a missing feature in Nexus Repository. It has already been reported as NEXUS-28391. Please vote on the ticket, so we can track demand and prioritise work accordingly. In meantime, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

As far as I know anything other than the official Docker hub is not a valid use case for “–repository-mirror”. Please view this comment.

My use case is Nexus Repository Manager acting as Proxy of Docker Hub, Docker daemon pointing to the proxy repository on Nexus as a proxy of Docker Hub.
I never heard any way for the docker daemon to proxy anything else than Docker Hub.
Anyway as I said is working well for any images that are not a plugin.