Nexus - authentication password: must not be blank

Hi, our Nexus (Nexus3 3.38.0) is currently down and just keeps on restarting, we use docker to run nexus as a container and when we check the container logs, we get this error:

javax.validation.constraintViolationExceiption: attributes[httpclient].authentication.password: must not be blank

We got this error logs after shutting down nexus and restarting docker service.

We suspect it might be due to one of the proxy repository password field that became blank (which we usually update using curl by a jenkins job)

Can you please suggest if:

  • There is any workaround for this issue
  • Since we can’t open into nexus portal, can we fix this using backend / config files?
  • Is there any way to disable / delete docker proxy repository using nexus data / config files?
  • Any other suggestion which might help us here

Thanks in advance!

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You may need to modify the database directly to fix it. If you have a support contract you should file a ticket for assistance.

If you know how it happened you could file a bug report at and we may be able to fix the bug that lead to the issue.


Hi, thank you very much for answering my query. I created a ticket from the link you mentioned.

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