Nexus Blob Store Size

Hi all

I’ve a problem: I’ve deleted a lot of unused docker-container in my nexus-repo to get free space. I’ve also executed the job “Compact Blob Store”.
But in the overview I’ve the same amount of used space for the Blob-Store, it did not actualized the used space.

What can I do?

Many thanks for your feedback.

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PS. I’ve upgraded my Nexus last year from 3.13.0-01 to 3.37.1 successfully. With the old version 3.13.01 it worked to get free space after deleting unused stuff.

Hi Marco.
Are you sure you have deleted the images from Nexus Repository? Perhaps you have deleted only the manifests, but layers are still there taking your disk space.

To stay on top of disk usage I recommend familiarising with these:

Probably you need to run Docker GC

Hi Dawid Sawa

What do you mean with “only deleted the manifest”? Yes, I’ve deleted the manifest and the tags in the Browser-User-Interface (with klicking on the “delete” button). How can I delete the images/layers?

Many thanks for your feedback!

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In docker, the layers may be used by multiple manifests/tags. There is a task to delete unused docker images and manifests that you may want to run which should clean out any remaining layers. (It’s briefly mentioned in the Cleanup Policies help document, but easy to miss.)