Nexus-claim: Repository Structure as Code

With nexus-claim you can define which repositories should be present or absent in your NXRM instance and how exactly they should look like in terms of configuration. That enables you to conveniently configure your NXRM instance, either for bootstrapping in an automatic setup or for continuous configuration that is kept under version control, e. g. with git.

nexus-claim is repository-type-agnostic, meaning it generically applies the configured properties and works for NXRM 2 and 3 and comes with some examples.

Because it’s written in GO it can really run anywhere.

How do I use it?
Write a descriptor with the intended configuration and apply with nexus-claim!

Extensive Samples are available on GitHub: nexus-claim/resources at develop · cloudogu/nexus-claim · GitHub

Where do I get this?

The repository also contains an up-to-date README

Who can I contact about it?
COMPANY: Cloudogu


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