Nexus cleanup with Conditions-Asset Name Matcher

Hi Team,
I am trying to use “Asset Name Matcher” option in cleanup policies of nexus3.

Requirement to use “Asset Name Matcher”: I am having separate artifacts for each environment. Hence my requirement is to delete artifacts which has sit and develop in artifacts name. I don’t want to delete artifact which has UAT in artifact name.
I have referred so many blogs, i could not able to find the pattern to mention in “Asset Name Matcher” in cleanup policy.
Can you please help me to understand the way to mention expression in Asset Name Matcher.

Also let me know if any other optimized way to clean the artifacts to clear up the space.
Attached sample structure snapshot.

Your help is much much appreciated

The asset name matchers use java regular expressions. I would definitely use the preview feature to ensure you are matching the expected assets.

@suma.srigakolapu Were you able to figure it out? I am struggling to get the matcher to work at all on my raw type repo. Someone replied that it used Java regex, but the docs indicate it uses Elastic Search Regexp query syntax.

All of my components in my repo are under groups. I don’t understand why I can’t choose a policy to only apply to a specific repo or group. This seems fundamental.