Nexus docker cleanup task matches name instead of asset

Hi there,
I am trying to setup a docker cleanup task in Nexus 3 (OSS version 3.37.3-02).

I want to use a regular expression for cleanup. It seems to me, that the ‘Asset Name Matcher’ only matches the component name and not the entire asset (including tag).

I browse to the Docker tags of my images and clicking on it, I can see the asset name in the details. It is of the form v2/customer/application/backend/manifests/ff0dca9

When I create a cleanup task for Docker images, and I use the following regular expression .+\/(.{7})$ I get no match in the preview. When I use the regular expression .+backend.+, I get the above asset name. In the Preview view, I can see that the Name is customer/application/backend and the Version is ff0dca9.

However, I want to be able to select on the version also and according to the documentation (Components and Assets in Docker), the following is stated:

  • A tagged manifest is the asset that represents a component*

So, it seems to me that I would be able to select on the complete name of the asset.

Any ideas?