Nexus does not download .pbf files

Hi, everyone.

I created a raw repository in Nexus to proxy to my internal network. This website is used to download OpenStreetMap files. The problem is when I try to download .pbf files from this site, I get an “ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE” message, but if I try to download some other extension, like .bz2 files, it works.

Nexus version: 3.56.0-01 OSS
Repo name: openstreetmap
Repo format: Raw
Repo type: proxy
Online: Yes
Content-disposition: Attachment

Example 01:
Original URL:

Repo URL:
http://mynexus.local/repository/openstreetmap/africa/algeria-latest.osm.bz2 ← works fine

Example 02:
Original URL:

Repo URL:
http://mynexus.local/repository/openstreetmap/africa/algeria-latest.osm.pbf ← doesn’t work: invalid response

Any ideas?

Hi Marcos,

If you haven’t take a look at the configuration for the repository and disable Strict Content Type Validation. Its possible the library used for content type validation identifies the pbf extension as being associated with a different type.

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Hi, Matthew.

I followed your suggestion and it works!!

Thank you very much!