Nexus firewall Custom Massages after package is quarantined

Hi Team,
can you please let me know how we can send custom massages to developer once he/her requested package is quarantined.

Hi Syed,

Appreciate you reaching out to the community. While there isn’t a way currently in Firewall to customize the quarantine message shown to developers, if you are using IQ 136+, developers should get a handy link that shows them why something got quarantined and how they can unblock themselves. You can read more about this view here
I am also curious to know more about your need to send custom messages to developers when something gets blocked. Is it something specific to your organization for all developers or something you wish to send to a specific developers/teams? Let me know if you can.

Hope this helps.

Thank you Mandeep.

we want to send custom messages whenever the package is quarantine and it is not specific to any team or developer.
For everyone it should send some massage but don’t want generic message which iq server is reporting as of now.

One more question I have is, how to add the Repositories in one go as capabilities to get quarantine and audit.

we have around 100+ repositories and I don’t want to create capability each time to add each repository for audit and quarantine.
can we add all repositories in one go to iq server??

A custom message including a link to an internal Confluence page of sorts, would add valuable pointers to devs w.r.t. the process they need to follow.