Nexus installation failed on a VM without internet. Internet is blocked by customer

Nexus installation is failed on a VM where no internet is allowed.

In the STDerror: Could not reach host Check your network connections and try.

Any body could help please how to bypass this option and what are the files are needed in this case.

@pradeep.techno Which version of Sonatype Nexus Repository are you using?

We are using this verison:nexus-3.37.0-01-unix.tar.gz

I am trying to install it offline. So while checking the gem dependency it fails. It goes on It does not find this host and fails.

I am not getting what dependency it checks. If get this then might be I can get some solution.

If I install it with internet enabled then it works fine.
I have tried to check what dependency it while installing on internet enabled VM but sorry no details.

@pradeep.techno Can you clarify a few details?

What “install” is failing? Are you trying to install Nexus Repository somewhere, or are you trying to install a Ruby component or application by downloading it through Nexus? Your screenshot seems to show the output of a Chef process, what are we looking at?

Yes I am trying to install Nexus Repository to be used for Chef . This is for cumulocity IoT. Only issue is if I install then installation goes fine.
But when no internet is there its try to access… I am trying to change it locally or what gem dependency is installed for nexus to be successfully install. If anyone has idea.

Perhaps you could post the exact commands you’re using. You stated that you started with our unix tar file, what did you do next?

I am using below command to run nexus installation: sudo /opt/reposetup/initial/

Where did you get I don’t think that’s part of nexus-3.37.0-01-unix.tar.gz.

Yes you are right. This is used for softwareag cumulocity iot repository.
It comes as part of cumulocity iot artifacts.
To setup cumulocity iot first step is setup nexus repository.

After extracting files from cumulocity tarball we run to install nexus.
While installing cookbooks gem dependency for nexus it goes to and then fails.

I want to understand what cookbook gem dependency it installs.
Since we can not use internet so want to understand how it could be resolved locally.

I know it too complex but nexus installation stepa might be same if i am not wrong.

Any hint might help here.