Nexus IQ CLI

Hi, apparently there wasn’t a timestamp generated on any of the json files after i trigger nexus IQ CLI to scan my files.

Can’t be found in the json /sonatype/reports/policy-eval-results.json or http://nexus-iq-server:8070/api/v2/applications/{public_id}/reports/{scan_id}/raw (link found within the results.json file)

Am i looking at the right places? I have also browse through the APIs that is in the documentation but have no luck finding what I want, which is the timestamp on when the appId was created, and also when the scan was evaluated by IQ-server. Please advise on this.


Swee Ngee

Hi Swee Ngee. The Application Composition Report displays the scan timestamp in near the header. Take a look at the help docs on Reviewing a Report for a screenshot with an example. This info is also available in the scan report history API endpoint: Report-related REST APIs - v2 .

For auditing and diagnostics there’s two log files that can be useful. The Audit Log would record what apps were created when. See the governance.application section of Audit Log . The Audit Log can also indicate when scans have occurred. See the governance.evaluation.application section.

Your install may not have these logs enabled though. The Audit Log help page has information on how to enable and where you’d find the logs (customers often use a log analysis tool such as Splunk to search these, or extract information and put in it a dashboard).

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