Nexus IQ Gitlab Merge Request Commenting

After reading and following the SCM integration guidelines required to perform MR commenting I am unable to proceed.

Functionality is discussed here:

I’m using IQ Server Lifecycle Release: 135 and Gitlab 14.9.2-ee so this functionality should be supported. To perform the analysis I use the sonatype/gitlab-nexus-iq-pipeline:1.135.0-01 runner - which is successfully performing the analysis.

I have added the SCM config and tested the connection. Pull Request Commenting is enabled.

I run using stage “build” for the main branch “master” which is configured to be main on both Gitlab and Nexus IQ.

Then I create the MR and run using stage “develop” for the feature branch. Despite my test introducing policy violations there is no comment added to the MR.

Any ideas? How is IQ server supposed to detect the MR?