Nexus IQ nupkg scan capabilities

I read this documentation about Nuget package scan powered by Nexus IQ :

Lifecycle ABF scans identify both NuGet packages (.nupkg) and the following Pecoff extensions: .acm, .ax, .cpl, .dll, .drv, .efi, .exe, .mui, .ocx, .scr, .sys, .tsp

I tried to see on a “lab project”, vulnerable on purpose, capabilities of Nexus IQ.

I have a simple choco script that creates a nupkg that embeds a very old version of putty tool :

I scan it with Nexus IQ:

Scan target: /testpackage.1.0.0.nupkg
Starting scanning target: /testpackage.1.0.0.nupkg
Could not open /putty-0.52.exe as an archive. Will scan it as regular file.
Loaded 0 module information files
Completed IQ analysis

No vulnerabilities found.

Is Nexus able to detect such can of vulnerabilities in executable files ?
Do you have an example of a vulnerable nupkg I can produce to test Nexus IQ ?