Nexus IQ server backup using what utility?

How do we backup the nexus iq server. There is no task schedular like nexus repository manager. could anyone pls let me know the utility to back the nexus iq server.

Do I just need to tar the data directory folder or any other way?

Hi Sana. You can find the latest backup instructions in our documentation: Backing up the IQ Server

Copied here for ease of reference, but note this could change in the future:

There is a tight coupling between report data stored in the file system and the data stored in the H2 database. If the IQ Server is running, any backup strategy for sonatypeWork runs the risk of an open database and may lead to a corrupt backup. To avoid this, the IQ Server should be shut down before performing the backup.

We also have the option to use an external database, please talk with your Customer Success Engineer on how to use this feature.