Nexus IQ Server: Release 134

We’re excited to announce the release of IQ Server 134 !

Check out the full release notes here (as well as past release notes) for more information and discover some of the highlights below.

Support for CycloneDX 1.4

The Third-Party Scan REST API, CycloneDX Application Analysis, and CycloneDX REST API have been extended to support the CycloneDX schema version 1.4 for XML and JSON formats. In addition to that, the View SBOM option has been updated to produce CycloneDX schema version 1.4 XML.

Advanced Legal Pack Component Dashboard

The Advanced Legal Pack now has a Component Dashboard that provides users with an easy means to view, or search, all components scanned by Nexus IQ.

Advanced Legal Pack Integration with the Component Details Page

Users that have the Advanced Legal Pack can now navigate from the legal tab in the Component Details Page to a component’s extended legal details via the ‘Review Obligations’ button. This makes it much easier to conduct a legal review of a component from a policy report.

Ready to download the latest release? Find it on our Downloads page.

We’re happy to answer any questions in the thread below.