Nexus IQ Server: Release 136

Hi Sonatype Community,

We’re excited to announce the release of IQ Server 136

Check out the full release notes for more information and discover some of the highlights below.

Firewall: New Quarantined Component View (Anonymous Developer View)

A new view for remediation advice of quarantined components is available in Firewall. By default, the view is accessible anonymously, using the tokenized link. The view contains information on component coordinates, policy violations, recommendations, and other versions that can be used instead.

Firewall: Improvements to Quarantined Component Release Workflow

Components that no longer have any policy violations set to block (policy action is set to fail on proxy) can be released from quarantine at once by clicking the ‘Re-evaluate’ button on the repository results view. Also, the ‘Match State’ policy condition type can be enabled for automatic release from quarantine.

Advanced Legal Pack Multi-Application Attribution Report

The Advanced Legal Pack’s REST API now supports creating an attribution report for multiple applications with a single call.

Advanced Legal Pack Now Automatically Supports Original Source Code Disclosures

The Advanced Legal Pack now automates weak copyleft original source code disclosure obligation for all supported ecosystems.

Improvements to Applications REST API

The Application REST APIs have been updated so that when querying the applications endpoint, an optional query parameter can be added to include the details of applied application categories.

Atlassian Crowd Integration

Atlassian Crowd server provides single sign-on and identity management. Once enabled, you can use your Atlassian Crowd credentials to log in through the UI or make REST calls.

SAML User Tokens

SAML users may now create User Tokens through the UI or the REST API.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search was updated to allow including components without vulnerabilities in component-related search results.

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