Nexus IQ Server release 50

Happy 50th release!

In celebration of our 50th release, we’ve changed the versioning scheme of IQ Server. For this release, and all future releases, we’re dropping the “1.” prefix to indicate the continuous stream of features the IQ Server team delivers, and also highlight the feature increments throughout releases.

We would like to announce the availability of the Nexus IQ Server release 50 (formerly 1.50).

The changes in this release include:

  • Improved JavaScript reporting - Read the blog post. Note that these changes impact existing waivers and similar augmented data like labels, license overrides, etc.

  • A new feature: Policy Violation Grandfathering that allows policy violations to be “grandfathered” to streamline the process of onboarding applications with existing issues. The Maven, Jenkins, and Bamboo plugins have been updated accordingly. Read the blog post

  • Changed Policy Violation Comparison (diffing) feature to make it more accurately highlight risk.

(!) Note that previous plugins will function with this IQ Server release, but they won’t have the full features from Grandfathering. The new plugins in this release are not compatible with older IQ Servers, and will stop with a message indicating the incompatibility.

You can find more details on additional items in the release notes and the binaries are ready for download immediately.

We anticipate the next release by end of September 2018.

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