Nexus login with gitlab oauth plugin


I am using this plugin - GitHub - auchanretailfrance/nexus3-gitlabauth-plugin: Nexus3 Gitlab Auth Plugin
to setup nexus authentication via gitlab oauth. However it’s complaining.

Incorrect username or password, or no permission to use the application.
In the log file, no genuine message to understand why it’s failing -

2021-05-14 11:07:50,905+0200 INFO [qtp624719531-45] *UNKNOWN fr.auchan.nexus3.gitlabauth.plugin.GitlabAuthenticatingRealm - doGetAuthenticationInfo for xxxxx

I am using the gitlab user name and personal token to authenticate. Same token works well with curl access to gitlab.

Does anyone make this plugin work or know if there is anything better available.

~ Smruti

It’s working fine. All food

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