Nexus Migration Deploying to groups is a PRO Licensed Feature

Hi everyone,
I’m currently undergoing a migration from Nexus SonaType 3.16.2-01 OSS to 3.29.2-02 OSS and now in testing situation.

The thing is, that apparently I cannot deploy to group repositories as I get the following error

npm ERR! code E403
npm ERR! 403 403 Forbidden - PUT http://xxxxxxxxxx:port/repository/xxx-npm/nexustest - Deploying to groups is a PRO-licensed feature. See
npm ERR! 403 In most cases, you or one of your dependencies are requesting
npm ERR! 403 a package version that is forbidden by your security policy.

npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in

I have no problem uploading to the group repository in the older version, and also there aren’t any issues uploading to the hosted repo in the new Nexus.

I’m kinda thinking that the error is self explanatory, but did this change between versions? In which was it?

Because otherwise I don’t understand what I could have missed between the migration.

Thanks in advance for the help

Deploying to groups is a pretty recent feature and wasn’t part of 3.16, its always been part of the Pro license.

Hi Matthew, thanks for the reply.
Oh I see, so that’s the reason why I cannot do it in this newer version.
Thanks for confirm it.

Sorry but there’s something that doesn’t quite add up.
I check again the type of repository from 3.16, and it is a group repository in which I can publish into.
So, I made a new environment, with that version 3.16 OSS (NO Pro Feature)

I then publish (nevermind the error)


And the package got uploaded and you can see it from the browser and the group repo


And the type of the repo is a group type


So, how this works? It change in between versions?

I will try to repeat this test with 3.29 to see if the same behaviours occurs.

Ok, I did a test with 3.29
And keeping the same configuration as above

  • Creating npm proxy repo
  • Creting npm local repo
  • Creating npm group repo which has previous repo inside

Doing npm publish into the url of the group repo and I got the error from the first post

If I setup the npm local repo url into the .npmrc file I can publish successfully.

So, apparently something got reinforced or change between this versions.

Does anybody knows in which version did this started to happen?

It was never possible to deploy to a group repository in 3.16.0. I suggest checking your request.log to see where the deploy actually went.