Nexus Migration

Hi Team,

We are planning to migrate SonaType Nexus version(Nexus Repository Manager OSS 2.14.10-01) which is hosted on existing linux server RHEL 6 to new linux server RHEL 8.
Below are the details which i am planning for…
1.Procure new Linux server RHEL 8
2.Install Nexus 2.14.10-01
3.copy the sonatype-work into the new server.
4. Start the service.

Is that fine? What is the procedure/steps to get all the data from old server to new?

Are you using the default blob store? Have more than one Blob Store? Everything else I think should be good to go I think. I’m not familiar with 2.x but I would assume not much changed here.

They’re very different :slight_smile:

I believe Red Hat may have removed the createrepo command 8 - verify this, but if the command is missing Yum repositories in Nexus 2 won’t work.

I can only imagine, but wasn’t sure in terms of migrating to a new server if it’s much different than what I would do when migrating a 3.x box :slight_smile: