Nexus not silently default to /library when proxy


I configured a proxy for docker hub, the remote url is set to According to Pull Images of Nexus document, the following command does not works here:
docker pull :9090/ubuntu
I got :
Error response from daemon: manifest for :9090/ubuntu:latest not found
if I changed to (added library):
docker pull :9090/library/ubuntu
it works well.

That is, Nexus is not silently default to /library here if no namespace provided.

What is wrong with my configuration?

Nexus version: 3.15.2-01

Thanks for your help!

wrong formatted, the url should be: host:9090

Try proxying

If that doesn’t work can you relay your Docker Index?

Full doc here:

Tried again, It works by following the docs to set remote url to and select Use Docker Hub

Thanks for your help!