Nexus npm proxy repo can't find package


I have a strange scenario using npm proxy repo:

  1. I have hosted and proxy repo

  2. They grouped in group-repo for properly downloading

  3. I’m 100% sure that package name, for example, react-ui 1.1.1 is present in (or in proxy repo)

4)But when developer trying to use this package through yarn install - he has an error that he can’t find that package and give an option to choose another version instead

  1. Problem seems to disappear in about 20 hours. If developer tries to build project again with version of package 1.1.1 - then package will be downloaded and cached inside Nexus.

Problem seems to be rare for us but when it happens - it’s irritates. Would be grateful for any help\documentation\settings\workaround.

@skbkontur/react-ui - npm

Also if developer removes nexus-group-repo from npm.rc the package will be downloaded without issues.

Are you on the latest NXRM?
If not I recommend upgrading see if that helps. We had a cache problem using groups we fixed in I believe 3.16 and a follow up in 3.17 that was more rare.
If you cannot upgrade, you can try invalidating the repository cache when you hit this and see if that fixes the problem. If that solves it, I’d suggest upgrading=)

How often Nexus Repo checks for updates to the metadata of packages is determined by the proxy repository’s “maximum metadata age” setting. By default that is set to 1440 minutes (24 hours). This metadata contains the versions that are available for packages. If you need more frequent updates from the npm registry lower that value.


Yes, we are on the latest version 3.18.0

Rich, thank you for advise, I will change that setting.