Nexus NuGet v3 group list packages

I have Nexus OSS 3.25.1-04 with some NuGet hosted repos added to one group.
When I try to list packages from the group using nuget v3 API I see the error
“WARNING: This version of nuget.exe does not support listing packages from package source” .
But when I list packages directly from the repo it works.
I use these commands:
for group - nuget list -source https://nexus/repository/nuget-group/index.json
for repo - nuget list -source https://nexus/repository/nuget-repository/index.json
Is this a normal behavior or should I change something?

I think this is because “nuget list” is only supported via legacy mode at the NuGet gallery. As noted here:

Thirdly, we don’t document resources that are tightly coupled with the V2 protocol, which itself is intentionally undocumented. The LegacyGallery resource falls into this category. This resource allows a V3 service index to point to a corresponding V2 source URL. This resource supports the nuget.exe list .

If a resource is not documented here, we strongly recommend that you do not take a dependency on them. We may remove or change the behavior of these undocumented resources which could break your implementation in unexpected ways.

got it. thanks