Nexus OSS is running, but UI is not accessible

I’m installing Nexus OSS 2.15.1-02 on a RHEL 8 Server. The Nexus process is running but when I try to reach the Nexus Repository site, I receive the error “site cannot be reached”. I confirmed port 8081 was open on the server since that is the default port. I confirmed the process is running and checked the wrapper logs for errors. Any suggestions on next troubleshooting steps?

You could check the request log for the server and see if the requests make it to the server. Similarly you could also try while logged into the server use wget or curl against localhost to determine whether the server is accessible while on the host.

Aside from that the usual suspects of server firewall, proxy servers, anti-virus, or just general network configuration.

Hey Matt, thanks for responding to my post. I checked the wrapper logs and see the following error: Problem creating boot delegation class loader. From the documentation I researched, the java settings can be checked and modified in the UI.

After switching the default java version, my boot delegation error is resolved. Now, I see Nexus OSS process running but port 8081 is listening to a java library under the nexus directory instead of the nexus process.