Nexus OSS throwing 50X errors due to JVM out of memory

Machine has 16g of ram and the vm.options are configured as follows:


The last 3 days running the JVM has run out of memory and crashed taking down the instance and requiring a restart of the instance or at least the service. This has started occurring since updating to the latest 3.41.0-01. Is this a bug? It looks like the max is 4g based on this document here: System Requirements

Is anyone else seeing this?

I have updated to the latest 3.41.1 and will observe to see if the error resurfaces. So far we have not seen it yet though it was not happening every day before either.

Will post back in a few days with more observations if nobody has responded.

Hoping I don’t jinx things but the latest version update 3.41.1 has not had the issue for 5 days running where previously it was happening on an every day or every other day cadence.