Nexus OSS v3 in closed networks


i have a network which is not connected to the internet and i want to use Nexus OSS v3.
back in v2, i have installed a server in a computer connected to the internet, download what i needed, copied the blob store folder and just rebuilt indexes.
i v3, the only thing i can do is to backup and restore but i have to backup everything according to the documents and that includes “security” which i don’t want to backup. i want to use active directory and i do not want to destroy it by restoring the db.

any ideas ?

The working directory in NXRM3 is portable same as NXRM2, it’s just the files are in blobs rather than storage. Because of this, I suspect you could copy over everything but the /db/security folder and may be OK. That is assuming you want 0 security things copied over (users, user tokens, privileges, roles, etc).

Otherwise I don’t think there’s a way to do what you want.
The solution I think would probably benefit you is which is not developed yet. You can follow that if that’s the case and no-one else has any ideas. I believe the feature is in preliminary discovery.

I should also disclaim, I haven’t tried the above suggestion.
Definitely back up your system before trying it (or test it out in a test system first).

Hi Joe,

thank you for your have just confirmed what i suspected.
i will give a try to your suggestion although the documentation states that i should restore all 3 DB’s together.

To be clear, I was not suggesting a restore just a move.
Restoring all the DBs at once is our recommended strategy.

Good luck!


You can read this for more ideas as well.

Thank you very much. will read it again