Nexus Platform Plugin for Jenkins unable to authenticate

After installing the Nexus Platform plugin in our Jenkins 2.x instance I tried to set up the global configuration. I was unable to log in and received the following error with the latest version(3.12.20211019-085324.d8da475): Class not found:

I downgraded to version 3.11.20210920-123737.0869e33 and it was successful. It seems the latest version was updated to support Java 17 but broke support for Java 11.

Here is our environment:
Jenkins 2.303.2 on JDK 11
Nexus Pro 3.33.1-01

Hi David, as you’re a Nexus Pro user I’d suggest contacting our support team they should be able to provide you with more direct help for a problem.

Done. I will wait for a reply from support.